This is late and will be briefer than normal … especially for me … but for all good reasons!

I’m on several deadlines at the moment, leading up to Thrillerfest in New York. I‘ve been running so hard, I’m getting flashbacks of Marathon Man and Logan’s Run! (Reminds me … I’ve got to make a dentist appointment).

So not much time left over for anything interesting, and I didn’t think zzzz made for a good blog post. 😉

I’m also not writing much in the Dark this week because I’ve been working hard over a grog dream come true! No, silly, not the grog you drink, the grog you band together to save the world with! No, wait, that’s the Justice League. Well, a group blog, anyway … and I literally dreamed of it about a year ago. 

It’s a very special grog … more like a virtual conference panel! Seven crime fiction authors in a variety of subgenres will be answering questions every week about all kinds of things–the writing process, crime, life, etc. We hope YOU will send us in questions you would like to read ruminations about! 

We call it Criminal Minds, and we’re launching on June 15th. Next week, you’ll be able to read about us and find out just how criminal our minds are. Then the 15th starts the panel rolling, with a new question to follow every week.

We’re also giving away prizes for the first month–signed books, gift certificates. So if you’re a fan of Writing in the Dark, please stop by!

I’ll also be appearing soon at Pop Syndicate, a terrific website about everything pop culture. Pony up to the Noir Bar, my monthly column … we’ll be dishing about–what else? film noir. Gilda, my personal favorite, is what we start with. Over virtual cocktails, too! I’ll still post noir reviews at Writing in the Dark when the mood strikes, and Pop Syndicate will give me the chance to wax eloquent in a comfortable speakeasy setting. No such thing as too much noir!

So I’ll see you next week … gotta go finish that marathon! And thanks for reading! 🙂 


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