City of Ghosts

San Francisco is a CITY OF GHOSTS …

Bruce Alexander Award Finalist!

City of Ghosts 3D

June, 1940.

Art. Spies. Murder.

For Miranda Corbie, private investigator and erstwhile escort, there are debts to be paid and memories–long-suppressed and willfully forgotten–to be resurrected.

Enter the U.S. State Department and the man who helped her get her license. A man she owes. And playing along may get her a ticket to Blitz-bombed England, if she survives …

Through sordid back alleys and art gallery halls, from drag dress nightclubs to a Nazi costume ball, Miranda’s journey into fear takes her on the famed City of San Francisco streamliner and a ticket to Reno, Nevada, the Biggest Little City in the World … where she finds herself framed for a murder she never anticipated.

Miranda must learn the difference between reality and illusion, from despair to deceit and factual to fake, as she tries to get her life back … and navigates a CITY OF GHOSTS.

Miranda’s back. And noir will never be the same.