Miranda’s Back …

Bruce Alexander Award Finalist!

“…atmospheric …captivating …full of evocative detail (the scent of Hills Brothers Coffee, the sound of Artie Shaw’s ‘Frenesi’), CITY OF GHOSTS has the vigor and pace of a terrific Warner Bros. film noir.

Ms. Stanley brings 1940 San Francisco to life in flamboyant language, reminiscent at times of such period prose-poets as radio’s Norman Corwin and Bay Area newspaperman Herb Caen.”


The third novel in the award-winning and critically-acclaimed series strikes gold in the Gold Rush city … reserve your copy now!

“Stanley’s affection for San Francisco establishes a strong sense of place and time in CITY OF GHOSTS. It is, Miranda muses, ‘A city made by dreamers who died paupers and paupers who lived like kings, dreams keeping them alive in the only way that mattered.’
The author’s clear-eyed view of San Francisco and of Miranda’s character adds to the strength of the novel’s engrossing historical fiction.”
Oline Cogdill
Associated Press

“…a darkly beautiful work, one of the best to be published so far this year…. [Stanley’s wordcraft] is of a quality that is unique among the current crop of mystery and thriller authors.”
Joe Hartlaub

“Stanley’s third mystery featuring P.I. Miranda Corbie once again showcases her ability to transport the reader back in time. The atmosphere, character, dialogue and setting all feel authentic to the point that one wonders if Stanley has a device to go back in time, record events and come back to transcribe them. Fans and newcomers alike will be eager to see what happens to Miranda next.”
Jeff Ayers
RT Book Reviews (4 stars)

“Along with her keen eye for period detail and vernacular, Stanley reminds us once again why we’d all be lucky to have Miranda Corbie in our corner.”
Publishers Weekly