Synopsis of City of Ghosts

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Ghosts of Yesterday …

Summer, 1940. France has fallen. Alone and isolated, only England stands in the way of Hitler.

Erstwhile escort, former Spanish Civil War nurse and now jaded private eye, Miranda Corbie takes on any and all cases to earn enough money to possibly buy passage to England … a country now under siege from the Blitzkrieg. When she recovers a socialite’s priceless jade parure—and collects a fat fee—Miranda is that much closer to her goal, finding a woman she barely remembers … her own mother.

When James MacLeod—the mysterious U.S. State Department agent who helped Miranda secure her license—shows up to collect on the debt, the promised reward takes her even closer: a possible five thousand dollars and a ticket on a ship to the United Kingdom.

The job? Spy on a University of California professor who may or may not be selling secrets to the Nazis and the Reds.

Miranda accepts the offer. And when the trail leads to art collection and art definition—to “degenerate” art and Mexican art galleries and a Picasso canvass—she warms to the espionage work, all the while dogging the mystery of her own childhood.

But then her socialite client turns up dead. Garroted. And another murder follows, this time a man who already lived in the shadows, fearful of discovery, a former escort and friend of Miranda’s.

From the gilded brocade of the Nazi Consulate to Finocchio’s florid drag show, Miranda follows the trail of killers and spies and art collectors, men who will stop at nothing to own beauty. On the City of San Francisco—Art Deco streamliner heading for Chicago—she finds herself trapped in another kind of masterwork—when she’s framed for a murder she never saw coming …

CITY OF GHOSTS is the powerful, sublime third in the series, a book as driven by character as it is by suspense, a novel that asks tough questions of the past that have yet to be answered in the present. It captures both the beauty and brutality of an evocative and unforgettable era—as experienced by a unique, timeless and unforgettable heroine.

Join Miranda on her journey.
Noir will never be the same …