Secrets-Sally Rand

Sally Rand

She operated the “Nude Ranch” on San Francisco’s Treasure Island.
Reportedly, she was the only concessionaire to make a profit.

In 1939 and 1940, nudity wasn’t available at the corner drugstore.
Live performance was the socially approved (and usually legally-tolerated) option to illegal pornographic books. Burlesque and strip-tease, vaudeville’s illegitimate siblings, offered comedy, dancing, music … and a chance to see naked bodies.

Midways from coast-to-coast   offered “Candid Camera” and “Artist’s Village”, where nude women posed for prurient photographers and would-be sketch artists.
But Sally Rand perfected the art of the nude exhibit.

The Nude Ranch

Sally Rand and her girls. Sally Rand and her girls.

For 25 cents, fair-goers on Treasure Island could line up behind a glass wall and watch young women play badminton, ride donkeys, and engage in other activities while wearing not much more than hats, boots and a bandana.

Music Box
Sally also owned her own nightclub in San Francisco: The Music Box. If you wanted to see Sally, she performed in the City … for more than a 25 cent cover charge.

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Warning: unsurprisingly, some of these images contain nudity!

The Dances


Sally performing a Fan Dance … a tamer version of the innovation that made her famous.

Another variation, this time of the Bubble Dance … no sound, but with Sally music is redundant.

Finally, Sally is billed above the title in “The Sunset Murder Case” … watch it for an extended version of her Bubble Dance.