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May, 1940. The sounds of Glenn Miller played endlessly from lunch counter Wurlitzers, and Benny Goodman and his band were swinging at the Mark Hopkins. Here’s a look at music and more from 1940 San Francisco, a world at war, and Miranda’s journey through a CITY OF SECRETS.


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Playlist for City of Secrets

Miranda’s world is an auditory one. Television had been invented and was showcased at the New York and San Francisco World’s Fairs, but its role as a ubiquitous accessory for the American home, complete with the familiar black and white images of movie stars and cigarette ads, would wait until the war years were over.

The poetry of the Great American Songbook was still in full-throttle in the late spring/early summer fall of 1940, the aching romance of Glenn Miller’s arrangements all the more poignant against the total destruction of Poland, the fall of Belgium and the Netherlands, and the capitulation of France.

The CITY OF SECRETS playlist represents most of the music that Miranda encounters or hears or thinks about during her journey. We hope it adds to your immersion in her world.

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All songs are © their respective holders.

  1. Bugle Call Rag Glenn Miller and his Orchestra 2:45
  2. When You Wish Apon a Star Cliff Edwards 3:09
  3. It's A Blue World Tony Martin 2:41
  4. Bei Mir Bist Du Schoen The Andrews Sisters 3:12
  5. Everybody Loves My Baby The Boswell Sisters 2:23
  6. Imagination Frank Sinatra with Tommy Dorsey and his Orchestra 3:16
  7. All The Things You Are Jack Leonard with Tommy Dorsey and his Orchestra 3:23
  8. In the Mood Glenn Miller and his Orchestra 3:37
  9. Stardust Glenn Miller and his Orchestra 3:24
  10. We Three (My Echo My Shadow And Me) Frank Sinatra with Tommy Dorsey and his Orchestra 3:04
  11. Our Love Is Different Billie Holiday 3:16
  12. Someone To Watch Over Me Lee Wiley
  13. Blue Orchids Glenn Miller and his Orchestra 2:55
  14. Lilacs In The Rain Irene Day with Gene Krupa and his Orchestra 1:59
  15. I'm Nobody's Baby [Single Version] Judy Garland 2:53
  16. Embraceable You Kate Smith 3:15
  17. Beer Barrel Polka (1939) Andrews Sisters 2:53
  18. Blue Skies Benny Goodman and his Orchestra 3:34
  19. The Nearness Of You Ray Eberle with Glenn Miller and his Orchestra 3:16
  20. Billy Boy The Andrews Sisters 3:14
  21. Over There Glenn Miller 2:15
  22. Deep Purple Larry Clinton 3:43
  23. One o'clock Jump Count Basie 2:58
  24. Loch Lomond Benny Goodman 3:04
  25. Glad to be Unhappy Lee Wiley 3:13


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