Synopsis of City of Secrets

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A theme song for a city of secrets …

Pandora Blake wanted to be famous. The blonde took a job at a peep show on Treasure Island for the 1940 World’s Fair. And on May 25th, opening day, the stage hands find her stabbed through the breast with a souvenir ice-pick, an anti-Semitic slur scrawled across her white skin …

Miranda Corbie—ex-escort, Spanish Civil War nurse, and now private detective in San Francisco—works for Sally Rand. Make that worked for Sally Rand. When the workers who find Pandora’s body call Miranda in for help, she gets involved, and the men who run the business of fun and fairs don’t like that. Seems that Miranda has a penchant for not cooperating … and for finding out the truth.

Set adrift from the island, Miranda has only a few days to devote to investigating Pandora’s brutal murder … until fate intervenes in the form of an official job. Her enemy—the rough Irish cop who beat her and tried to set her up in February—is arrested for the crime. And Miranda’s attorney wants to hire her … to find evidence that Gerald Duggan is innocent.

From dingy hotels in the shadow of San Francisco’s City Hall to the bright, sunny spa town of Calistoga nestled in the Napa Valley, Miranda’s follows the trail of a vicious murderer. Is he a member of one of the American fascist groups that support Nazi Germany? Is he the brutal animal trainer who likes to brand women? Or is it, after all, the cop who hates her—Gerald Duggan?

As another victim joins the list—another anti-Semitic slur drawn on her body—the swirl of madness threatens to swallow Miranda herself. Haunted by the memory of February and a stalker on her trail, she confronts terrorist threats, gangsters, and secrets from her own past … and faces a nightmare choice of life and death, alone and in the shadows.

CITY OF SECRETS is a powerful, heart-pounding sequel to Kelli Stanley’s scorching thriller and first-in-series CITY OF DRAGONS, which introduced her unique and unforgettable series heroine, Miranda Corbie. Stanley writes 1940 without gloves on, without censorship, evoking the beauty of Benny Goodman swing and the brutality of a synagogue stained by a swastika.

Against the backdrop of a Europe defeated by Nazi Germany, the world on the brink of total war, and an America unsure of where to turn, Miranda Corbie fights on, a lost soldier … but never a lost soul.

Discover 1940 San Francisco—mysteries kept and innocence lost—in a harrowing city of secrets …