Nox Dormienda

Nox Dormienda
(A Long Night for Sleeping)

Bruce Alexander Memorial Historical Mystery Award winner
Macavity Finalist (Sue Feder Memorial Historical Mystery)
Certificate of Honor from the City and County of San Francisco

NOX DORMIENDA is available as an e-book in all platforms through Smashwords, Barnes and Noble, Amazon (also UK and Germany), and Apple!

Originally published by Five Star (Gale Group) in 2008, Kelli’s debut novel is out of print in all print editions, but plans are in development for a new paperback release.

In the meantime, print versions of NOX DORMIENDA may be available through your local library.

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Foreign Editions

NOX DORMIENDA has been  published in Italian and Greek. 

The Greek version of NOX DORMIENDA, entitled “Murder in Roman Londinium.”

Available as a paperback from Periplous, and orderable online.

Italian edition, published by Mondadori, and part of the venerable and famous “giallo” line of mystery fiction.