Curse-Maker Maps


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Bath is one of England’s loveliest cities. But before it became associated with upper-class gentility and Jane Austen, it was a Roman spa town–and before that, a Celtic healing shrine to the native goddess Sulis.

Visit the modern day city and look below the surface. You’ll find Roman lead pipes, hot springs, temple offerings … and maybe a curse or two. Follow Arcturus’ footsteps. But be careful of the water …

Environs of Aquae Sulis

From an antiquarian volume on Aquae Sulis and her spectacular archaeological treasures, this map shows some of the Roman roads near the city, as well as other settlements. Place your cursor over the map for a closer look.

Plan of the Baths

Another antiquarian plan of the Aquae Sulis baths. Click on the map to open it in a browser window for close-up viewing.