Curse-Maker Photo Gallery

The Curse-Maker Photo Galleries

Kelli traveled to Bath—modern-day Aquae Sulis—before writing the book that would become THE CURSE-MAKER.

Her visit encompassed London and much of the southwest of England—so you’ll  discover some photos of a rainy day at Stonehenge, the ancient monument visited by Arcturus and Gwyna when they rode through the Salisbury plain.

Inspired by what she discovered in hands-on, behind-the-scenes examination of the curses housed in the wonderful Roman Bath museum, Kelli wrote the novel upon returning home. In the galleries below, you’ll discover the architecture and infrastructure of the amazing structure that was the Aquae Sulis bath complex, as well as find a few shots of the slightly  more recent Abbey and Pump Room.


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Bath (Aquae Sulis)

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The Great Bath and Sacred Spring

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