Miranda Corbie

Miranda Corbie. Remember the name.


Miranda’s song, as performed by Lee Wiley in 1939 [from a 78 record].

She’s been called a female Sam Spade [Rebecca Cantrell] or Rick Blaine [Dave Biemann, Mystery One]; a cross between Myrna Loy and Barbara Stanwyck [Library Journal]; a “great new dame in crime fiction” [Linda Fairstein] and “a unique heroine filled with layers of past pain” [Norma Dancis, Deadly Pleasures].

Miranda is all of this and more. She is a woman of her time and more than her time … a woman in a world that is fast running out of time.

The Miranda Corbie series is about a world on the brink of cataclysmic changes. About a  San Francisco and a California and a 1940 America that the textbooks and movies don’t show you. A different kind of noir, a different kind of thriller.

Most of all, the series is about a woman … defeated but not vanquished, shattered but not broken, a Red Cross nurse in a Spain torn apart by Civil War, a paid escort, and now a private investigator in pre-war San Francisco.

It’s Miranda’s world, and she’ll die to protect the good in it.

Because part of her died a long time ago …