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Stand-Alone Fiction

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Featuring stories by an all-star cast of bestselling and award-winning authors, SCOUNDRELS:TALES OF GREED, MURDER AND FINANCIAL CRIME is a noirish anthology inspired by the contemporary financial crises, its victims and victimizers, and how some people will stop at nothing to protect their “assets”. Kelli’s short story, “Survivor”, was partially inspired by “The Most Dangerous Game.”


Shaken coverSHAKEN: STORIES FOR JAPAN is the brainchild of bestseller Timothy Hallinan and the first charity mystery anthology. Created in response to the horrific earthquake and tsunami that struck Japan in 2011, SHAKEN features stories from a wide range of award-winning and bestselling authors, tales that cross centuries and genres but which all touch upon Japan and its enduring culture. Kelli’s contribution is “Coolie”, a story set in San Francisco on April 18th, 1906 … in the immediate aftermath of the Great Quake and Fire. The books is available only through Kindle, and all proceeds–including those usually received by Amazon–is contributed directly to the Japan Relief Fund.