A Brilliance of Nasty Women

So I’m a bit behind in our month-long celebration of Nasty Women Month. And it occurred to me that we need a collective noun on par with a “parliament” of ravens to describe a grouping of heroic female politicians.

How about a brilliance? 

And how about these seven brilliant political figures, all of whom have anchored and inspired me, some from a very early age. Both their legacies and ongoing work continue to do so.

  1. Shirley Chisolm: I was in awe of Shirley Chisolm when I was 7 years old and she ran for President. I am still in awe of her calm strength, dedication, perseverance, wisdom and leadership.
  2. Bella Abzug: “Battling Bella” was a personal hero in my ’70s childhood, even though I was across the country from New York. She told it like it was—and boy, could she rock a hat!
  3. Barbara Jordan: To think of Barbara Jordan is to think of dignity, eloquence, gravitas and justice personified. She was the Nemesis to Richard Nixon. How I miss her.
  4. Ann Richards: Witty, sparkling and with the sharpest mind and sharpest tongue in Texas, even in comparison to her friend Molly Ivins. A truly great Texan.
  5. Barbara Mikulski: When she retired at the age of 80 in 2017, she said: “Do I spend my time raising money? Or do I spend my time raising hell?” ‘Nuff said.
  6. Nancy Pelosi: I’ve had the honor of meeting Speaker Pelosi. I’ve voted for her in every election possible in every office for which she’s held. She is the Nemesis to Donald Trump.
  7. Barbara Boxer: Like Speaker Pelosi, I voted for Senator Boxer every time she ran for anything, and I saw them both climb the political ladder in the 1980s. Senator Boxer’s contribution to SHATTERING GLASS speaks volumes about her generosity, commitment and dedication to human and women’s rights. 

Don’t forget to request SHATTERING GLASS from your library! And if you’ve picked up a copy, please leave a review!