5 Reasons Why I Love New York

I’m heading to Thrillerfest and New York City this week, and the prospect of traveling to the Big Apple again made me think about a few of the reasons why I love it. So, from a West Coast perspective, mind you … Continue reading

The Chairman of the Board

At the end of this month, I’m heading to Las Vegas. Not exactly for pleasure—to be honest, I wouldn’t travel to Sin City for fun. I prefer quieter getaways. And not for research, though Reno figures prominently in CITY OF … Continue reading

Top Ten Bond Songs: Gold Standards

Once in a while, I like to rank things. Ranking helps you define the subjective qualities that comprise your individual tastes, forces you to think about the subconscious criteria that inform your opinions, and as a bonus gives you something to argue about … Continue reading

Confessions of a Comic Book Fan

I write crime fiction, specifically noir. That makes me rather a rara avis as a female author; the traditional male-centric slant of noir (both literary and film) is well-documented and apparent. But I am even more of a rare bird demographically when … Continue reading