50 Things At 50

I’m turning 50 this week. I woke up and suddenly have been around for half a century. And that feels old. This birthday is a tough one. All birthdays are, since I lost my parents, who (as an only child … Continue reading

Noir Off: The Letter vs. The Unfaithful

Remember compare and contrast? It still remains one of the most useful tools in the grade school era repertoire, and has lead the world to innumerable discussions on Star Wars vs. Star Trek, Paul McCartney vs. John Lennon, and Superman vs. The … Continue reading

5 Things I Learned in Monterey

I just came back from a trip to Monterey. Nominally vacation—but actually research—the trip was phenomenal. Monterey, made famous by Steinbeck and Stevenson and a magnate for artists and dreamers for more than a century; both rural and urban, town and … Continue reading