New York, New York!

It’s been an adventurous week!

No time to write about Vertigo, unfortunately–gotta save it for next time. I haven’t had much time to do anything but work on some deadlines for the website relaunch, which we wanted to have happen before Thrillerfest, but looks like will happen the week after. And speaking of Thrillerfest

New York awaits! The conference is always exciting, and it’s in the most exciting city on the planet, so … I’m gearing up. Meetings. Parties. Panels. Non-stop, “city that never sleeps” fun! I leave early Wednesday, and will probably not be back to my Writing in the Dark post until the following week, though I’m hoping to squeeze in a blog or a tweet or two.

What else? Well, we just got word that the Greek rights to NOX DORMIENDA have been sold, so Roman Noir will be available in Athens and all over the remarkably beautiful country of Hellas.

I’m a bit emotional over the fact that my first foreign rights sales have been Italy and Greece–the foundations of western civilization, the countries and cultures I’ve spent so much time in, physically and mentally. From my first D’Aulaire’s Greek Mythology (checked out of a Tallahassee, Florida library when I was in the second grade), to now seeing my first book published in modern Greek … it’s like an affirmation. Efcharisto!

Friday was photoshoot day … we need new head shots for CITY OF DRAGONS, so ventured to the sunny side of the Bay and Berkeley, over to Lisa Keating, photographer extraordinaire. Lisa makes you feel immediately comfortable, in a beautiful, airy, naturally lit studio, complete with a black lab named Happy, who makes you feel exactly that.

Despite a TV movie-like mishap–my dry cleaner didn’t give me my entire order, and so I arrived in Berkeley without a shirt and had to fight through horrendous 4th of July traffic to get back to San Francisco and then turned immediately around so I could make it back to Berkeley in time–the shoot was a dream, and makeup artist Tricia Turner and Lisa just the best people anyone–particuarly writers with nerves–could ever hope to work with!! I can’t wait for the photos … and yes, I wore one of my fedoras. 🙂

Today was Sunday Breakfast with Friends time, a wonderful opportunity to see pals and brilliant writers Laura Benedict (who lives in Illinois, so I never see her enough) and Sophie Littlefield (who lives in the Bay Area, but whom I still don’t see enough!) We had an old-fashioned breakfast at an old-fashioned restaurant and I only wish I could spend more Sundays doing this …

So, until next time, thanks for reading Writing in the Dark, thanks for checking out our new grog Criminal Minds, and I will do my best to convey some of the madness, fun, and exultation of Thrillerfest in New York!