Shaken, Secrets and a Very Special Cat

I received some wonderful news yesterday—CITY OF DRAGONS has been nominated for a Macavity, specifically the Sue Feder Memorial Historical Mystery Award! The Macavity is as wonderful as it gets, a recognition of your work from some of the most … Continue reading

All Hallows’ Eve

As I write this, my neighborhood is full of ghoulies and ghosties and short-leggedy beasties, all scrambling for candy. Dressed in hodge-podge homemade costumes and store-bought accessories, kids of all ages revel in Halloween and the celebration of social trust … Continue reading

Happy Birthday

Not marble, nor the gilded monuments Of princes, shall outlive this powerful rhyme; Back in high school when I first read these lines I was struck by the poet’s confidence in words. His cocky self-assurance that the gift of a … Continue reading

New York, New York!

It’s been an adventurous week! No time to write about Vertigo, unfortunately–gotta save it for next time. I haven’t had much time to do anything but work on some deadlines for the website relaunch, which we wanted to have happen … Continue reading

A Wonderful Year

You know the old saw: if you fall off a horse, get back on right away, or your fear will talk you out of it. As someone who grew up with horses, I can testify to the truth of this … Continue reading

Lists, Picks and a Pre-Code Delight

I’m long overdue, but it’s nice to be home. One of my autumn resolutions (always a good time for resolutions–forget January) is to blog each and every week. Probably on a Sunday or Monday … and I intend to keep … Continue reading

Unsuspected Noir

So here it is, Monday night. My book just came out (if I repeat it enough it may sink in) … I spent a wonderful Saturday afternoon at the Hayward Public Library on a Sisters in Crime panel with the … Continue reading

Two Weeks?!

Ever notice how time is relative? I don’t mean Einstein relativity, or Stephen Hawking’s musings on the universe. I mean how it is subjective and personal and relative to you and what you’re doing. I took a look at the … Continue reading


You remember that hourglass in the Wizard of Oz, with Margaret Hamilton in green, cackling behind it? Well, I’m watching it trickle away madly, to two dates of major importance, at least to me: July 18th, my official debut date, … Continue reading

It, I’m Tag!

So there are two of these tag things zooming around the ever-lovin’ blog-o-sphere (which today looks remarkably like those Sea-Monkey ads you used to see in comic books … but I digress). And, thanks to the vagaries (and vagrancy) of … Continue reading