New York, New York!

It’s been an adventurous week! No time to write about Vertigo, unfortunately–gotta save it for next time. I haven’t had much time to do anything but work on some deadlines for the website relaunch, which we wanted to have happen … Continue reading

Sisterhood in the Blogosphere!

I was delighted and honored to get a Sisterhood Award nomination from PK the Bookeemonster and her wonderful, always insightful blog! Herewith are my nominees (wonder women all), and the directions: IF YOU ARE A NOMINEE, PLEASE GO AHEAD AND….1. … Continue reading

The Meming of it All

I’m not sure that “meming” is a word — but it’s January, so new words are allowed. How else do little dictionaries grow? This is the month of Noir City and post-holiday cookie sales … a month of anticipation, back-to-the-gym … Continue reading

Left Coast Crime: Sunshine and Snowflurries

It’s hard to believe that this time last week was the final day for that most winsome and winning of conferences, Left Coast Crime. What a whirlwind! Luckily, Writing in the Dark (this blog, doncha know) had special guest and … Continue reading