The New York Minute

Forgive the decidedly un-noirish tones of excitement and exultation, but … I’m back from New York and Thrillerfest! Three days until NOX DORMIENDA is released into the wild! And I’m taking a blog tour to celebrate … first stop the … Continue reading


You remember that hourglass in the Wizard of Oz, with Margaret Hamilton in green, cackling behind it? Well, I’m watching it trickle away madly, to two dates of major importance, at least to me: July 18th, my official debut date, … Continue reading

Everything’s Coming Up Roz!

So here it is … tomorrow will be a month before my book comes out. Book Debut, by the way, is a euphemism for insanity. I plan to work my madness out publicly in various forums, so if you’re the … Continue reading