Springing Forward

T.S. Eliot may have characterized April as the cruelest month, but personally, I think he just needed a vacation. Such a pessimist … without even the excuse of an IRS deadline. 😉 So … I can’t believe spring is already … Continue reading

One Week Countdown …

I looked around and it was January. Not New Year’s Day, mind you, I remember that, even with the champagne. And I started the New Year off like everyone does … full of plans and resolutions, one of which was … Continue reading

A Wonderful Year

You know the old saw: if you fall off a horse, get back on right away, or your fear will talk you out of it. As someone who grew up with horses, I can testify to the truth of this … Continue reading

Say What?!

Mitchum’s looking a little skeptical, but once in a while, you’ve got to forgive an author for sharing news. Particularly when it’s good news. 🙂 In the April 15th edition of Library Journal, the cover story focuses on trends in … Continue reading