The X-Factor

I’m just back from Monterey and Left Coast Crime. Incredible. Energizing. Inspirational! How inspirational was it, you ask? Enough to make me start blogging again. And anyone who has ever stopped blogging knows exactly how much inspiration restarting it takes. … Continue reading

Springing Forward

T.S. Eliot may have characterized April as the cruelest month, but personally, I think he just needed a vacation. Such a pessimist … without even the excuse of an IRS deadline. 😉 So … I can’t believe spring is already … Continue reading

Mahalo Morning

The last few days have been blurry. Of course, it could be that I need a new eye prescription, but I don’t think so. Hawaii lingers on the mind, the odor of plumeria and tropical breeze, the song and raucous … Continue reading

LCC Hawaii Top Ten

It seems as if I’ve just arrived, just adjusted myself to a warm, slower and less hectic environment, and now–Wednesday–I go back to my beloved San Francisco and embrace the cold and the stress and the bustle all over again. … Continue reading

The Aloha Spirit … Left Coast Crime

So it’s my first time in Hawaii, the conference is fabulous, and now that my cognitive abilities are reasonably restored (though never reasonable), some of my impressions … I arrived Sunday morning, amazed to land on the tarmac (yay for … Continue reading

The Unconventional Convention!

I’m on my way to Hawaii tomorrow–first time there. This year’s Left Coast Crime is the “unconventional convention” and it promises to be a slap-bang load of fun and frolic and originality … and with events like movie nights and … Continue reading


Before Noir City starts tomorrow and I immerse myself in amour fou, sweaty obsession and rain-darkened streets, I have to indulge in something on the opposite end of the spectrum … purely joyful and purely heart-warming. So what am I … Continue reading

Left Coast Crime: Sunshine and Snowflurries

It’s hard to believe that this time last week was the final day for that most winsome and winning of conferences, Left Coast Crime. What a whirlwind! Luckily, Writing in the Dark (this blog, doncha know) had special guest and … Continue reading

Questions to Ponder …

A short post this week, because we’re in a whirlwind of activity getting ready for Left Coast Crime in Denver … There’s promotional stuff to pack, clothes (and shoes and hats) to choose … I sometimes wish (always when I’m … Continue reading

Wherever You Hang Your Hat

Whew! It’s been quite a week. I’d intended to post a Valentine wish … but I was stuck without a computer in Seattle. Computerless in Seattle … where’s Nora Ephron when you need her?! I’ve been swamped since my return, … Continue reading