2000 Years Gone

Like most people my age, I’ve consumed massive amounts of entertainment. And occasionally, I’ll digest something—usually some product outrageously hyped—that goads me to levels of outrage so deep that I feel compelled to set the world aright and explain why … Continue reading

What We’re Losing

This weekend, our culture diminished. Not in a tragic way, as we see in the devastation, death and loss behind events like the recent Washington State mud slide, or in Hurricanes Sandy, Ike and Katrina. This was more a whimper … Continue reading

The X-Factor

I’m just back from Monterey and Left Coast Crime. Incredible. Energizing. Inspirational! How inspirational was it, you ask? Enough to make me start blogging again. And anyone who has ever stopped blogging knows exactly how much inspiration restarting it takes. … Continue reading

Left Coast Crime Family

Left Coast Crime in Sacramento was such a special event in my life that it’s taken me a few weeks to process everything. Despite an injured leg that kept me limping around the hotel (and resulted in a wonderfully fun … Continue reading

A Valentine For My Parents

My last blog–in September, which seems as immediate as yesterday and as far away as the distant past–was a happy one. I’d traveled to St. Louis and Bouchercon with my mom, and the fact that she was there to see … Continue reading

Miranda’s Back!

Today is the day! CITY OF SECRETS is now on sale. This long-awaited sequel to CITY OF DRAGONS is a deeply felt, personal book, and it deals with themes that have haunted me for a long time. Themes of man’s … Continue reading

The Intimate Paperback

Today is a red-letter day for me … and Miranda Corbie! 😉 Miranda’s out in paperback for the first time, in a beautiful trade edition of CITY OF DRAGONS. This isn’t actually her debut in paperback—that came with the mass … Continue reading

Shaken, Secrets and a Very Special Cat

I received some wonderful news yesterday—CITY OF DRAGONS has been nominated for a Macavity, specifically the Sue Feder Memorial Historical Mystery Award! The Macavity is as wonderful as it gets, a recognition of your work from some of the most … Continue reading

North by Northwest

THE CURSE-MAKER has been out for a little over a week, (yay!) and now I start the out-of-state leg of my tour … back to my home state, Washington. I admit it: I get a little choked up when I … Continue reading

An Epiphany of Noir

Today marks Epiphany, the day after Twelfth Night, and in the words of the immortal Bard, “If Twitter be the food of writing, tweet on!” January dawns in 2011, and it truly is a brave new world of social networking. … Continue reading