Miranda’s Back!

Today is the day! CITY OF SECRETS is now on sale. This long-awaited sequel to CITY OF DRAGONS is a deeply felt, personal book, and it deals with themes that have haunted me for a long time. Themes of man’s … Continue reading

Bay City Holiday

I know San Francisco is supposed to be perennially shrouded in fog–and we do get quite a bit of the atmospheric pea soup variety–but sometimes it’s just plain mild and sunny, even in December. Those are the days when you … Continue reading

That’s the Press, Baby! – Noir City Opening Night

Last night it rained in San Francisco. It always rains in San Francisco for two weeks in January–when she opens the Golden Gate to murder, lust, corruption and cheap cigarettes. Yes, it was Noir City night at the Castro Theater, … Continue reading

D.O.A. in Noir City

Last night would’ve made Jeannette MacDonald (and Clark Gable) proud. It would even have made pious priest Spencer Tracy (Father Mullin to you) unloosen his collar a bit. If those cast members don’t ring your bells, you’ve missed a sentimental … Continue reading