2000 Years Gone

Like most people my age, I’ve consumed massive amounts of entertainment. And occasionally, I’ll digest something—usually some product outrageously hyped—that goads me to levels of outrage so deep that I feel compelled to set the world aright and explain why … Continue reading

Noir Off: The Letter vs. The Unfaithful

Remember compare and contrast? It still remains one of the most useful tools in the grade school era repertoire, and has lead the world to innumerable discussions on Star Wars vs. Star Trek, Paul McCartney vs. John Lennon, and Superman vs. The … Continue reading

Bouchercon Countdown!

In about three weeks I’ll be on the way to Indianapolis and my third Bouchercon. I can’t wait! CITY OF DRAGONS got the push off from goal to paper after my first Bouchercon in Anchorage, in 2007. I now have … Continue reading

Cover Love

It’s been an eventful few days! Ever feel like the days pass too quickly for you to grab–that they blend and weave, and before you know it a week has gone ahead of you? Yup. Just happened to me. Here’s … Continue reading


This is late and will be briefer than normal … especially for me … but for all good reasons! I’m on several deadlines at the moment, leading up to Thrillerfest in New York. I‘ve been running so hard, I’m getting … Continue reading

Climbing the Noir Walls

“Murder! Infidelity! Brain damage!” That could’ve been the tagline for the MGM (yes, they made dark stuff too, not just glossy musicals) noir High Wall (1947). Y’see, High Wall is a terrific example one of a fascinating film subgenre … … Continue reading

A Forgotten Corner

Before I talk about Cornered, a little-known Dick Powell noir, I need to confess. I’m not in a very noirish mood. NOX DORMIENDA was just nominated for a Macavity Award–the Sue Feder Memorial Historical Mystery Award–and, well, I’m happy. Joyful. … Continue reading

Agricultural Noir

Today is Cesar Chavez day, a state holiday in California, where our Golden State bounty still depends on migrant farm workers, willing to do the back-breaking work of gathering lettuce and hand-picking tomatoes for urban and suburban dining tables. Now, … Continue reading

The Unconventional Convention!

I’m on my way to Hawaii tomorrow–first time there. This year’s Left Coast Crime is the “unconventional convention” and it promises to be a slap-bang load of fun and frolic and originality … and with events like movie nights and … Continue reading

Noir City Wrap Up

Those who know me know I take film noir very seriously. I was honored to find our friends at The Rap Sheet give a nod to WID and my Noir City reporting in late January. And then … and then … Continue reading