An Epiphany of Noir

Today marks Epiphany, the day after Twelfth Night, and in the words of the immortal Bard, “If Twitter be the food of writing, tweet on!” January dawns in 2011, and it truly is a brave new world of social networking. … Continue reading

Noir City Wrap Up

Those who know me know I take film noir very seriously. I was honored to find our friends at The Rap Sheet give a nod to WID and my Noir City reporting in late January. And then … and then … Continue reading

Noir City, Night Two: What a Dahl!

The loyal denizens of Noir City were treated to a visit by Hollywood Royalty last night. The Film Noir Foundation and a sold-out theater of 1,407 lucky film-goers paid tribute to the legendary Arlene Dahl, va-va-va voom girl and wonderful … Continue reading

That’s the Press, Baby! – Noir City Opening Night

Last night it rained in San Francisco. It always rains in San Francisco for two weeks in January–when she opens the Golden Gate to murder, lust, corruption and cheap cigarettes. Yes, it was Noir City night at the Castro Theater, … Continue reading

The Random 16

A couple of weeks ago, I was tagged for another meme-thing on Facebook … Linda Richards, top-notch idea woman that she is, inspired me to reuse it here. I like the idea of reuse, make do or mend … why … Continue reading

The Meming of it All

I’m not sure that “meming” is a word — but it’s January, so new words are allowed. How else do little dictionaries grow? This is the month of Noir City and post-holiday cookie sales … a month of anticipation, back-to-the-gym … Continue reading

A New Noel and the Grand Guignol!

What do Noel Coward, the quintessentially English satirist of upper crust British foibles (and author of theater classics like Private Lives) and a quintessentially French, gruesome, farcical 19th century theater of shocks and horror (as revived by the San Francisco … Continue reading

Of Books and Broads

Old books and old movies. Two passions of my life, and I got a little of both this weekend. The San Francisco Antiquarian Book, Print and Paper Fair was held at the Concourse down on 7th and Brannan this weekend … Continue reading

One More for the Road …

Noir City 6, to contradict good ol’ T.S., who was something of a noir poet himself, ended not with a whimper, but a bang. Kids, anytime Richard Widmark and Ida Lupino show up in 35 mm, it’s the Big Bang. … Continue reading

Masks and Voices at Noir City 6

Saturday at Noir City showcased what the program describes as “Noir Head Trips” … and they were right. Both movies played with your mind; one played with your heart. Both also stretched the chronological boundaries many purists insist upon: The … Continue reading