2000 Years Gone

Like most people my age, I’ve consumed massive amounts of entertainment. And occasionally, I’ll digest something—usually some product outrageously hyped—that goads me to levels of outrage so deep that I feel compelled to set the world aright and explain why … Continue reading

Book Stores: Entertain the Light

“Books should, not Business, entertain the Light …” So wrote Abraham Cowley, 17th century English poet, in Extract from Poetical Blossomes: A Wish. But what happens when books are the business? It’s no secret that traditional publishing is an unprecedented upheaval, roiling … Continue reading

Top Five Writing Fears

I just turned 50. This means I’m certifiably middle-aged and that means I’m much, much more dangerous. When you get older, I find, you tell the truth, consequences be damned. You have more tolerance and less tolerance, simultaneously. You don’t … Continue reading

When I Was Hemingway

Most writers hoard what is survival gear for most of us … words. Bits and bobs, flotsam and jetsam, beginnings and endings, random jots of thoughts and perceptions and well-intentioned stabs at craftsmanship. You never know when a scrap might … Continue reading

A Little Noir on the Prairie

“A 12 year-old girl whose cousin wants to kiss her does not normally threaten him with a knife; she laughs and kisses him, he’s her cousin. Or if she’s shy or doesn’t like him she just escapes, and the incident … Continue reading

Life Lessons from A Wrinkle in Time

It’s a foggy April day in San Francisco. Fog puts me in the mood to write (luckily) or, on a rare occasion when I’m not working, it’s the perfect weather for curling up with a book, with our without a … Continue reading