Noir Off: The Letter vs. The Unfaithful

Remember compare and contrast? It still remains one of the most useful tools in the grade school era repertoire, and has lead the world to innumerableĀ discussions on Star Wars vs. Star Trek, Paul McCartney vs. John Lennon, andĀ Superman vs. The … Continue reading

The X-Factor

I’m just back from Monterey and Left Coast Crime. Incredible. Energizing. Inspirational! How inspirational was it, you ask? Enough to make me start blogging again. And anyone who has ever stopped blogging knows exactly how much inspiration restarting it takes. … Continue reading

The Intimate Paperback

Today is a red-letter day for me … and Miranda Corbie! šŸ˜‰ Miranda’s out in paperback for the first time, in a beautiful trade edition of CITY OF DRAGONS. This isn’t actually her debut in paperbackā€”that came with the mass … Continue reading

St. George’s Favorite Son

April 23rd has always been a holiday for me. I confess; I’m an Anglophile. But don’t think that mars my noir street cred. Chandler spent most of his boyhood in England, and the “English Gentleman” ideal was inured in his … Continue reading

Of Books and Broads

Old books and old movies. Two passions of my life, and I got a little of both this weekend. The San Francisco Antiquarian Book, Print and Paper Fair was held at the Concourse down on 7th and Brannan this weekend … Continue reading

Christmas Noir

Here it is, only my third post, and I’m already feeling behind. Y’see, I don’t like blogging on Monday, because … well, because it’s Monday. But I have a ready excuse (if recovering from The Big Noo isn’t enough) … … Continue reading