That’s the Press, Baby! – Noir City Opening Night

Last night it rained in San Francisco. It always rains in San Francisco for two weeks in January–when she opens the Golden Gate to murder, lust, corruption and cheap cigarettes. Yes, it was Noir City night at the Castro Theater, … Continue reading

Unsuspected Noir

So here it is, Monday night. My book just came out (if I repeat it enough it may sink in) … I spent a wonderful Saturday afternoon at the Hayward Public Library on a Sisters in Crime panel with the … Continue reading

Countdown …

I’ve got fond memories of Casey Kasem. (And no, your eyes don’t deceive you–that’s not a picture of Casey.) Gilda is my favorite film noir, so for book-launch good luck I’m adding photos of Rita as Gilda. Gotta sneak a … Continue reading

No Sudden Fear of Joan

My top ten noir countdown list changes with my mood, but last time I made it, Sudden Fear (1952) held the #9 spot like Joan Crawford clutching at Norma Shearer’s off-screen husband in The Women (1939) … which is not … Continue reading

Minor League Noir

The minors have their moments. If not for the fabled Pacific Coast League (and Lefty O’Doul’s San Francisco Seals), the Yankees would never have had DiMaggio, one of the classiest men in baseball. Now, Chicago Syndicate (1955) is not the … Continue reading

Thieves’ Highway: Want an Apple?

The next time you’re feeling up the produce at your favorite mart, considering which juicy apple to sink your teeth into, you might be surprised to find yourself thinking instead of Richard Conte. I know I’ve never been able to … Continue reading

Where Does Danger Live? Noir City, of course!

There are times that I think I’d like to live in Sea Cliff, the ultra expensive San Francisco oceanside community where you’ll find luminaries like Robin Williams. I do live in the city, and actually have an ocean view, but … Continue reading

Last Man Standing, R.I.P.

At Noir City this year, we were treated to a special evening of programming saluting Richard Widmark, the “last man standing” from the classic noir period. Two superlative films were shown, one arguably Widmark’s very best (and one of the … Continue reading

Of Books and Broads

Old books and old movies. Two passions of my life, and I got a little of both this weekend. The San Francisco Antiquarian Book, Print and Paper Fair was held at the Concourse down on 7th and Brannan this weekend … Continue reading

The Big House … Noir City at the Castro

Back again, with a tale already legendary … and I don’t mean the ones up on the screen. Saturday, January 26th, was the biggest night in Noir City history … the entire 1,400 seat Castro Theater was sold out. Yup, … Continue reading