The Meming of it All

I’m not sure that “meming” is a word — but it’s January, so new words are allowed. How else do little dictionaries grow? This is the month of Noir City and post-holiday cookie sales … a month of anticipation, back-to-the-gym … Continue reading

Lists, Picks and a Pre-Code Delight

I’m long overdue, but it’s nice to be home. One of my autumn resolutions (always a good time for resolutions–forget January) is to blog each and every week. Probably on a Sunday or Monday … and I intend to keep … Continue reading

Beauty of the BEAst, Part II

So after the events of Friday — and those terrific Cosmos (in honor of the Sex and the City premiere) at the Edison — I slept like a baby, and woke up on Saturday ready for more BEA and my … Continue reading

Beauty of the BEAst, Part I

I’m back from BEA (BookExpo America), and — while not yet fully recovered — am at least ready to post about it. I’m not sure that it’s something from which one can recover. An event that large (even though the … Continue reading

Tag, I’m It

This is a tag. This is only a tag. We interrupt this blog to disclose six random factoids about the author. Said author was tagged by noir writer and pal Bill (LOST DOG) Cameron … we repeat, this is tag, … Continue reading

Left Coast Crime: Sunshine and Snowflurries

It’s hard to believe that this time last week was the final day for that most winsome and winning of conferences, Left Coast Crime. What a whirlwind! Luckily, Writing in the Dark (this blog, doncha know) had special guest and … Continue reading

Wherever You Hang Your Hat

Whew! It’s been quite a week. I’d intended to post a Valentine wish … but I was stuck without a computer in Seattle. Computerless in Seattle … where’s Nora Ephron when you need her?! I’ve been swamped since my return, … Continue reading